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Migratory birds require license # and hunter signature before they will be accepted (Federal Migratory Bird Tag pdf file). All birds should be sent to our facility with name, address, phone number (s), hunting license numbers, and any other special permits. Do not send specimens without this information. If you have been given a specimen and you do not possess a hunting license, be sure to get all this information from the individual who gave you the specimen. All of our books are open to the California and Federal Fish and Game officials for inspection. You will be responsible for providing the correct and accurate information. If you are not sure about some procedure, or information is unclear, please call us first and we can help you.

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    Tail & Beard / wood panel
    Tail, Beard, wings/wood panel
    Breast mount /wood panel
    Half mount / wood panel

  125.00 / pair

Special Needs & Custom Dioramas

Every bird mount includes a standard artificial or driftwood base. Completion time is approximately 4 months. We customize single or multiple bird dioramas for an additional charge based on material cost and hours invested. Please contact us for these prices. Wood panels are available in various types of hardwood for an additional fee. Custom bases, reproduction bird feet, dioramas with dried/artificial scenery or water re-creations will incur additional charges.


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