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                                     Fish Mounts

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Detailed Fish Mounts Start at $425.00 up to 19"    Many of our painting techniques come from the teachings of Rick Krane, world renowned fish taxidermist and instructor.
  • Up to 19"- $425
  • 20”-22” - $485
  • 23"-24"- $530
  • 25”-27” - $595
  • 28”-30” - $660
  • 31”-33” - $725
  • 34”-36” - $795
  • 37"-39" - $860
  • 40"-42" - $925
  • 43"-45" - $990
  • 46"-50" - $1,100
  • 49"-51" - $1,070
  • 51"-55" - $1,210


We do not mass produce our fish mounts or cut corners to speed up the process. We purchase the highest quality fish blanks and invest a lot of time detailing each fish from start to finish. Prior to finishing each fish, we painstakingly tip our fish scales with reflective art mediums to bring out the depth and realism of each mount. When the fish is completed, you will have a beautiful representation of the fish you caught, and be able to appreciate the memory and quality of work for years to come. Most of our fish mounts run approximately $22.00 per inch, yet prices may vary slightly due to the cost of producing or purchasing the fish blank from our suppliers.
      1. If you'd like to have your fish mounted, give us a call or drop us an email. We need the length, girth, and weight of the fish you'd like mounted (We do not need your original fish for a reproduction mount).
      2. For color accuracy, it would be helpful to get a photograph of your fish, or a picture of a fish that is representative of the color pattern and phase you prefer.
      3. We offer skin mounts on Pan Fish, Large and Small Mouth Bass, only, but encourage reproductions on all fish.
      4. Suitable driftwood wall mount included in price (if desired).
      5. Some additional charges:
        • Some large fish may require an oversize charge for shipping.
        • Pedestal mounts (both sides detailed) add additional $6.00 per inch.
        • Additional charges for hardwood plaques, artificial water, and diorama displays - priced individually.


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