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Our original business opened, on a part-time basis, in Ventura, California around September of 1981 . We were known as Dave's Taxidermy for 9 years. We expanded 3 times, starting in our garage, moving to a thousand square foot building in 1982, and expanding to a 5,000 square foot building in 1985. We mounted everything from the smallest bird, to 18 foot great white sharks. We have mounted hundreds of fish, game species, reptiles, and birds. Trinity Mountain Arts opened its doors in Trinity County around September of 1989, and continued offering limited services until 1994 when Dave took a sabbatical to pursue a teaching career. Taxidermy services continue to be offered on a limited basis, but no longer as a full-time business.

I have enjoyed the art of taxidermy for many years, and know that outdoorsmen appreciate a taxidermist that continually improves and will invest his time to produce a quality mount. Today, I mount a limited number of specimens, balancing my time with teaching , hunting, and enjoying life. I do my best to complete most bird and fish mounts within a 2- 4 month time period .




Most items that we send out to our commercial tanneries will be completed within 6-8 months. Winter months slow the drying process, and may require an additional 30 days. We can rush-order our game heads for an additional handling fee (15% of actual cost). I limit the amount of work I take in during the year as a means of ensuring the best quality mount within a reasonable turnaround time. Please feel free to give me a call, or use our email address to forward your questions related to taxidermy. Every specimen is a time piece; a work of art that requires attention to detail. As a life-long learner, I continue to attend seminars and training related to the taxidermy field. My focus is always on improving the quality of my work. I look forward to giving your next trophy the necessary attention required for high quality craftsmanship.



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