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Trinity County is Bear Country
With deer populations declining, bear populations continue to climb. A lot of factors influence these changes. In the early 90's deer were pretty easy pickin's. Archers had little problem filling tags before rifle season opened. Changes in the environment, disease, change in food selection and quantity have all taken their toll. Add to these changes, the permanent close of mountain lion harvesting, and the "stop" use of dogs to pursue bears, and you have a big problem. As the cats kill a deer, feed on the soft tissue, and then half bury their kill, the bears move in to finish off what they leave behind. The cats then have to kill again and again as they are not able to return to their kill and find anything left for their own nurishment. Bear populations then grow at a faster rate as they have no pressure from the dogs, or other predators. The opportunities are great for the "stock and shoot" bear hunter in Trinity County. Encountering bears while hunting deer is becoming more likely. I have harvested bear, both this year and last, and have opted not to shoot bear during the early part of the deer hunting season. I see bear in the Trinity Alps almost every time I go out on a hunting pursuit. You might find it well worth your time to invest a couple of weeks looking into some serious bear hunting in Trinity County, California. If you are successfull, give me a call and see about turning your success into a life-time memory.


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