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Before shipping any items to our facility, be sure to fill out a work order, and read the information under Tags, Terms & Conditions. If you are shipping any migratory birds, be sure to fill out one migratory tag per bird and attach it to the bird's leg. Always call us the day you ship a specimen so we know to expect it in the mail. We prefer shipments to come via UPS, but Federal Express and US Postal service are also okay methods of shipping. Always ship frozen items Express (Next Day Air).

Shipping Frozen, Hides, Capes, Birds, Animals, etc.

  1. For best mounting results, be sure your specimen has been cleaned and frozen properly. If unsure about this step, see our page on Field Care.
  2. Place frozen specimen in a strong plastic bag, and then wrap the bag with masking tape to ensure it is closed securely.
  3. Wrap the plastic bag with several layers of newspaper and then wrap with tape. Ideally, it is best to place specimens in a Styrofoam lined box, or place it in a foam ice chest before placing it in a shipping box. If you don't have Styrofoam, then be sure to use a lot of newspaper for insulation around the specimen and ship in a standard cardboard box.
Shipping Salted Hides and Capes:
  1. Be sure your hide has been fleshed thoroughly, and salted well. Do not ship hides that are dripping wet, or extremely damp. Carefully roll hides up and place, loosely, in a plastic bag or plastic lined box. Ship hides in a standard cardboard box. If unsure about prepping hides for shipping, be sure to call us, or go to our page on Field Care for further instructions.


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