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Who does our tanning? Our main tannery, The Wildlife Gallery, has been serving the needs of taxidermists since 1994. Their dedication to quality, timeliness, and unsurpassed customer service has made them the industry leader in fur dressing.   All of our capes and skins that are used for mounting will be tanned by The Wildlife Gallery. Furs and other throw skins like cattle, sheep, deer, elk, and fur berring animals, are sent to other tanneries that do a great job softening hides and providing durable, long lasting beautiful tans.

Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee any tanning process as so many factors are out of our control. Problems with slippage, splits, rips, or weak spots can occur on hides with bruises, poor field handling, advanced bacterial growth, pre-existing disease, etc. Our tanneries usually notify us of pre-existing problems, but some problems cannot be detected prior to the tanning process. Just be aware that problems can occur, and you can help prevent most of these issues in the field.

You can help by:

  • Calling the taxidermist before your hunt for special handling instructions or questions.
  • Salting hides and capes in the field before transporting. Keeping items cool (take advantage of shade and ice).
  • Cleaning up any excess blood from the fur.
  • Not dragging an animal (this will damage the hide/fur and cause bruising). Handle with care!

Tanning Prices-fur on

  • Antelope/Deer (full hide) $ 185.00
  • Bear w/head and feet 90.00 PLF
  • Bison 25.00 PSF
  • Caribou, Cow, Elk, Moose, 22.00 PSF
  • Predators-skinned 185.00
  • Predators (un-skinned) 215.00

Leather Prices - Natural, Gold, Black, Brown

    Antelope/Deer (full hide) $ 185.00
    Bison $ 20.00 PSF
    Caribou, Cow , Elk, Moose $ 20.00 PSF
    Others- Call for prices

* PLF - Per Linear Foot
* PSF - Per Square Foot

50% Deposit Required



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